Koh Chang - Kae Bae Island from Sea View Hotel

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We're Isa & François

We're Isa & François

Here's who we are and how we travel 🛫🌎🌴 


We book our flights, book the first two nights, set a general itinerary and let the holiday start.

Isaline is the planner. François is the last minute traveller. Our organisation usually falls in between planning and random holidays seizing the last minute opportunities.You could call us luxury backpackers. We don’t book in advance and experience several places during our trip according to our taste and the hotel’s availability. We usually get good deals out of last-minute booking.

We travel to Thailand during our Christmas holidays, as long as our respective work allows us to be off. Twice, the weather forecast surprised us with a tropical storm, Rai in 2016 and Pabuk in 2018. Twice, we headed to Koh Chang because it was free of storm weather.

We are speciality coffee and cats lovers, bike and train travellers, mountain hikers and flexitarians. We shamefully take the plane once a year, seeking sun and warmth when everybody is opening Christmas presents.

We do our best to be respectful of the places we visit. We chose the activities we do and the food we taste.

François is enthusiastic and never tired. He enjoys the present moment as if it were the last. He finds the tiny shops and restaurants and special places to visit.

Isaline likes to taste weird desserts, wants to see garden and flowers and listen to the waves. She seeks sporty activity and cooking classes.

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