Fruits and Tea at Oasis Spa Chiang Mai

An honest guide to SPAs & Massages in Chiang Mai

After a long trek in the mountains of Chiang Dao or an exhausting flight to arrive in Chiang Mai, you might be tempted by a spa or massage offered all over the city. And you’d be right, Thai Massage are the best!

Here’s our guide to have a good time and pamper yourself:

What’s the best place to get a massage or SPA in Chiang Mai? The summary:

  • If you’re looking for a simple 1-hour foot massage in the city, go for one of the many Lila Thai Massage spread around the Old City. 1 hour foot massage = 300 THB.
  • If you’re into the whole thing and indulge yourself with a luxurious 2-3 hours SPA package with scrubs, body wraps, facial treatments, hydrotherapy or traditional Lanna Massage, Oasis SPA offers a unique experience. 2-3 hour package = between 3’000 to 6’000 THB

Our complete guide to SPAs & Massages in Chiang Mai

There are more massage parlors in Chiang Mai than temples, and that should be enough to make you wonder how you’re going to choose among so many options the best ones. After three trips to Chiang Mai, we can say that we’ve ready many recommendations and tried a bunch ourselves to give you our honest opinion on the best SPAs and Massages options in Chiang Mai. Here’s our guide to find the treatment you’ll enjoy:

If you’re looking for:

  • A luxury treatment and a half day experience;
  • The option to get a full SPA package including body scrubs or wraps, facial treatment, hydrotherapy (milk bath or aromatic steam shower) to indulge yourself for two to three hours;
  • An idyllic setting, peaceful atmosphere and a private room for one or two person;
  • A chauffeur picking you up and bringing you back to your hotel.

Then the Oasis SPA is the best match for your needs.

If you’re looking for:

  • A relaxing foot or body massage for one hour;
  • A good quality for a cheap price (while not being at the low end);
  • An easy solution for a quick massage without appointment in the Old City. 

Then one of the seven (!) Lila Thai Massage parlors in the Old City will be the best deal for you. 

In our experience, nothing on the lower-end or in the middle in terms of price is worth it. We haven’t tried something more upscale/luxurious though, so we can’t tell 😉 

Oasis SPA Chiang Mai Review

Oasis Spa is a premium spa experience with branches in Thailand and China. They have six branches in Chiang Mai, in the Old City but also in the trendy neighborhood of Nimman and around the city of Chiang Mai where it all started in 2003.

A look inside the best SPA in Chiang Mai

Their concept is to “create an Oasis” in the middle of the city with a relaxing atmosphere combining modern design & traditional Lanna look-n-feel. We’ve been to four different Oasis SPA locations and all of them had a different and unique style, but all provided a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere from the reception to your treatment room.

The waiting area

The staff is super friendly and is here for you to spend a good time. The atmosphere starts in the car that has been sent to pick you up at your hotel (or wherever you’d like) with an attentive driver and soothing Thai music. You will enjoy a refreshing drink before and after your treatment, as well as lovely balls of melon and watermelon. 

Tea and fruits in a lovely ceramics after your treatment.

We’ve booked our treatment online with an easy to use website and received a quick confirmation with information about the pick-up time via email. 

We’ve tested a bunch of different treatments. François prefers the hydrotherapy (milk bath), body scrubs and foot massage while Isaline also enjoyed the body wraps and Thai body massages. 

Overall, we’re big fans of Oasis Spa and have recommended it to friends traveling to Thailand (there are other branches in Bangkok, Phuket for example). The experience and treatment quality will bring you somewhere else during a couple hours, which is priceless! 

The garden

Lila Thai Massage Review

Lila Thai massage was founded in 2008 by the former Director of Chiang Mai’s women’s prison with the explicit mission to offer a re-insertion and job opportunity for inmates after their life in prison. After a 180-hour massage training course endorsed and validated by the Chiang Mai Public Health Department, these ex-inmates can find a job opportunity in one of the seven Lila Thai Massage in Chiang Mai’s Old City. 

Lila Thai massage parlor have a charming and recognizable facade. The interior is simple, yet clean and cozy. You’ll be welcomed by a fresh drink or tea and be offered the same at the time to fill a feedback form on a tablet after your treatment. 

The cost of a 1-hour foot massage is 300 Baht (roughly $10) which is very competitive and offer a better deal than most less established and cozy massage parlor in the city. You can find the full treatment menu online here:

Overall, Lila Thai Massage is super convenient, has branches located in all major touristic area of the Old City and offer great quality treatments for an affordable price.

My only complaint is that, like many small businesses in Thailand, Lila Thai Massage will charge you a 3% credit card payment fees on top of their usual price. 

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