Awa Resort in Koh Chang – Our honest traveller review 🌴

Awa Resort is a stylish hotel on Koh Chang’s main road with a nice swimming pool, but no beach at high tide and pricey restaurant.

Awa Resort’s Beach

At Awa Resort Koh Chang, you go in the sea with a few rock staircase. There is high tide and low tide. In the morning you enjoy deep water, you can swim in the waves. In the afternoon, you don’t find deep water. At Awa, you don’t find the never-ending white sand beach.

You find lounge chairs, chairs and big cushions to lie down next to the sea. The beach side of the hotel feels comfortable.

Awa's swimming pool at sunset


The swimming pool at Awa Resort is big and suitable to really swim. There’s a side with less depth made for small children, but otherwise it’s quite deep.

Having a good time by the pool at Awa Resort


The rooms are located in the building around the pool. Some rooms face the pools, others face the ocean.

Rooms are bigger than average. The bed was huge. Our room faced the ocean. We could not hear the waves, but it was very quiet.


The bathroom is big, with clean, elegant lines. The floor is dark. The light is always dim, which gives a dark impression when you come from the bright sun outside, but I guess it’s romantic πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.


The room was clean but could have been cleaner. The floor has not been mopped during our stay, which meant that we were walking on sand since day 2.

Breakfast & restaurant

The restaurant is open to the ocean. The food is good. However everything is at least the double of what you find in nearby restaurants. Hopefully, you’re on the main street and can easily walk to a few cheaper restaurants, including the Sharky’s that we enjoyed a lot with a friendly owner.

The breakfast was huge. You find a large choice of eggs, salad and pastries. Coffee was made with a real espresso machine, which was better than most coffes in Koh Chang (that’s a low bar for the coffee aficionados we are visiting Koh Chang right after Chiang Mai which has a vibrant coffee scene)


Kids run around and babies sleep in prams under trees. Awa welcomes families. Part of the pool is dedicated to kids. You find a kid’s room with games at the entrance. The overall atmosphere for couples without kid was not the best from our stay in Koh Chang, but seem to be a good option with young couples with kids.

The black ties, splendid entrance, high ceiling and swimming pool with small “canals” gives the Awa Resort a stylish and premium atmosphere to the place.

Awa Resort Design hotel in Koh Chang


Staff is friendly and well trained. Despite the family vibe around the swimming pool, this is not a family-run hotel. The staff will greet you respectfully and not engage in any conversation.

The plus we really enjoyed

You find a large selection of activities that you can easily book the at the reception. On another note, we fell in love with a lovely tortoiseshell cat which helped us manage being away from our two cats for so long.

Cute tortilla cat in Koh Chang

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