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Top 5 best Koh Chang hotels for beach and quiet lovers

Our Top 5 of hotels that offer you the perfect combination of a relaxing & design atmosphere, quiet setting with a large pool, access to a lovely beach and good food in Koh Chang.

Discover our ranking of the best hotels in Koh Chang that offer a relaxing atmosphere, design room, friendly staff, great swimming pool(s), access to one of the best beach on Koh Chang and good food either at the hotel or at nearby restaurants.

François and I usually book the first 2 nights upon arrival. After the first 2 nights, we adopt an opportunistic approach consisting of going to hotels that offer the standard we look for and an interesting last-minute offer. You can find us sitting down, filtering comparison website to find offers for the next night by the swimming pool.  As we’ve become quite good at finding last-minute deals, most of the hotels before are 4🌟 hotels that we found at a great price. 

As a result, we visited many different hotels. All the hotels listed below are on the east side of Koh Chang island.

Any hotel listed below fills our ground criteria. Our top 5 exceeded our expectations. Here is what matters to us when choosing a hotel:

  • Cleanliness, any other wonderful facility is wasted on us if our room is filthy,
  • A breakfast where we expect rice, eggs and a good choice of fresh fruits and a selection of tea,
  • Easy access to the beach and comfortable sitting area,
  • A big enough swimming pool, where Isaline can swim in the morning,
  • Easily reachable choice of restaurants, preferably reachable on foot and on the beach. The price of the food in the restaurant within the hotel is usually twice more expensive than any restaurant outside the hotel. 
  • Easily reachable Thai massage that we like,
  • Friendly staff.

🏆 Best hotel in Koh Chang: Sea View Resort & Spa

The Sea View Resort and Spa is by far our favourite. We loved the quietness of the atmosphere, the nicely maintained little pathways passing through the gardens and the situation by the sea with a private beach. With two pools, the beach and the garden, it suited our need for calm and relaxation.

The plus we really enjoy (honestly, we like so many things about this hotel)

  • the sea view from the room balcony, the balcony close enough to the sea for us to listen to the sound of the waves,
  • The beautiful garden and the uphill ferry to bring us to the breakfast,
  • The large private quiet beach area and the 2 swimming pools (including on small slide),
  • The delicious pad thai on the beach (definitely worth the price),
  • The walk on the beach at sunset to go to the village.

Read more about our experience at the Sea View Resort and Spa. 

2. Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort

The Centara Koh Chang was one of our favourite hotels. The facilities are great and make up for okay rooms. The long beach, the garden, the big pools, the beach area and the proximity of beach restaurants and shops made it comfortable for our stay. At the Centara, we had an overall friendly and comfortable feeling. 

All in all, we returned a second time to the Centara after a few days in Koh Kut, which is always a good sign.

The plus we really enjoyed:

  • The beach, (south part of Klong Prao) is a never-ending stretch of white sand, shadowed by palm trees,
  • The many restaurants available on the beach only 3 to 5 minutes walking,
  • The proximity of yoga next door at the Blue Lagoon and good coffee at the Pilot restaurant, 
  • The big garden and the numerous seating options by the beach,
  • The overall friendly feeling.

Read more about our experience at the Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort.

3. Awa Resort

Kids run around and babies sleep in prams under trees. Awa welcomes families. Part of the pool is dedicated to kids. You find a kid’s room with games at the entrance. The overall atmosphere for couples without kid was not the best from our stay in Koh Chang, but seem to be a good option with young couples with kids.

The black ties, splendid entrance, high ceiling and swimming pool with small “canals” gives the Awa Resort a stylish and premium atmosphere to the place.

The plus we really enjoyed

  • Great pool for swimming in the morning, the biggest pool of all hotels that we visited, 
  • You find a large selection of activities that you can easily book the at the reception.
  • Great coffee at the coffee shop in the entrance hall.
  • The different seating options by the beach.

Read more about our experience at the Awa Resort in Koh Chang.

4. Santhiya Tree Koh Chang Resort

We definitely had a wow effect at the Santhiya Tree Resort. The design of everything, bungalow rows, room, bathroom, and pools is a delight. There is a real effort into making everything special and amazing.

The Santhiya Tree as a trendy and luxurious vibe, probably too trendy for us, but it seems to suit many young couples without kids.

The plus we really enjoyed:

  • The beautiful surrounding,
  • The high tide in the morning, since there is a deck and not long beach sand, we can really enjoy depth,
  • The decoration of the room, the huge bed with a mosquito net,
  • our small terrasse with a spot under the shadow,
  • The Rimlay Sea food next door.

Read more about our experience at the Santhiya Tree Koh Chang Resort.

5. Kacha Resort & Spa

We had a pleasant stay in Kacha Resort on the White Sand Beach. The hotel has all good aspects of a 4🌟 hotel but did not exceed our expectations in any of them like the previous ones did. We also found that the beach in front of the hotel was quite rocky. You also need to make sure your room is on the beachside of the road and not on the side of the hotel reception, as you want to enjoy the quietness of the beach rather than the noise of the street. 

The plus we really enjoyed:

  • The chairs on the wood deck,
  • The convenient, comfortable and clean room. We received every day a present in the room cleaning: chocolate, fruits, sweets.
  • Many restaurants and shops at walking distance.

Read more about our experience at the Kacha Resort & Spa.

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