Santhiya Tree Swimming Pool

Santhiya Tree Koh Chang Resort – Our honest traveller review 🌴

Loveliest room from all four stars hotel we visited with nice restaurant next door, but no sandy beach access and busy common areas.

The Beach at Santhiya Tree Koh Chang

At Santhiya Tree Resort, you go in the sea with a few rock staircase. There is high tide and low tide. In the morning you enjoy deep water with no beach. You can swim in the waves. In the afternoon, you don’t find deep water and a slightly rocky beach. If you’re courageous, you can walk at low tide direction to the North to Klong Prao beach, which is a vast white sand beach.

The beach deck is nice but feels busy. The lounge chairs are very close to one another. You do not have much space. As a result, the beach area is also quite loud. However, it’s a perfect spot for yoga is you’re an early riser. The plus is that there are no hotels in the surrounding areas, so the part of the Gulf of Thailand belongs to you 🌊

The Swimming-pool

The swimming pool is big enough to swim. However, it is busy. If you want to swim without being disturbed, it is better to go early in the morning πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ.

The Rooms

The rooms at Santhiya Tree are big and beautifully decorated with lots of room and all the items you may (or never) need. Each room has a small terrasse with a spot under the shadow.
The bed is huge and high with a mosquito net. It gives a cosy feeling once you are in bed and a lovely atmosphere to the room.

Bungalows are close to one another. As a result, it feels busy and can be loud at night in case your neighbours are outside enjoying drinks.

Overall, the room at the Santhiya Tree was one of our favorite in Koh Chang.

The lovely room and bed at Santhiya Tree Resort


The bathroom is partly outside and is beautifully decorated with stones and plants.


Santhiya tree is sparkly clean.

Breakfast & restaurant

The food in the hotel’s restaurant is more expensive than a traditional ThaΓ― restaurant and coffee for breakfast was really bad. Why can’t four stars hotel offer proper espressos?

Restaurants & shops close by

Hopefully, Rimlay Seafood just next door (access via the sea) is a typical, lovely, cheap but good ThaΓ― beach restaurant. Otherwise, Santhiya Tree Koh Chang is a bit far from the street, which has its advantages but makes it harder to go to different restaurants or shops in the main street. The hotel offers a shuttle service a couple of times a day to the main road though.


The bungalows in Santhiya Tree are lovely, and some of them have direct access to a swimming pool, giving the hotel a charming village atmosphere. However, the Santhiya Tree feels busy and loud. They are a lot of people. The common spaces are not vast and when we stayed there, another building with further rooms was under construction further away from the Sea. There was no sign of construction for further common areas (like a larger beach deck).

We stayed only one night. We rather like a hotel with peace and quietness. The room was delightful. However, it felt expensive due to the lack of comfortable beach area and a common area to relax.


The staff was extremely nice and well-trained to answer any kind of needs.

The plus we really enjoyed

The lovely bathroom. The restaurant next door, Rimlay Food, where we enjoyed the best coconut shake ever.

Rimlay Food's Coconut shake next door

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