Sea View Resort Koh Chang – Our honest traveller review 🌴

Our favorite 4🌟 hotel, the Sea View resort is heaven on Koh Chang, with all 4* amenities you’d expect from a fabulous pool, to deck chairs by the sea and good food. If you’d ask what’s our best memory from our first trip to Koh Chang, it would be the quietness of Sea View’s garden and pools. So much so that we didn’t hesitate to come back when fate brought us back on the Island.

The Beach at Sea View Resort

You find a quiet private beach with great trees for shadow when the sun is at peak hour. The beach at the Sea View was one of our favourites. It is beautiful and calm. In the morning at high tide, you enjoy a swim. in the afternoon, at low tide, you can walk along the beach to the village. 

On the beach, you also find a pool, a bar and a restaurant. You can order food and drink from your chair. We had mango shake in the pool, watching the sea, it was pure delight. 

The Swimming-pools

You find two swimming pools at the Sea View. One of them is on the beachside, the other is up in the garden with a wonderful view of the ocean.

The pool at the beach is a bit too small to swim, the other pools in the garden are bigger and connected on two levels with a toboggan.

On both pools, you’ll enjoy an outstanding view and a good sense of relaxation.

The Rooms

Each time we stayed at the Sea View we chose a room in the older building by the sea where the reception is located. We liked the rather ancient feelings of the building and the fact that it’s so close to the sea, that you can hear the waves from your balcony.

We recommend to chose a room on the first floor and avoid the ground floor. On the ground floor, there was a smell of damp in the room that displeased me (although François did not smell anything). Otherwise, the room was charming and clean.

There are newer buildings with larger rooms to choose from. The private villas on the beach were unfortunately too expensive for us. They look amazing though 😉


As mentioned, we stayed in the older building. The bathroom was clean and convenient with a large window facing the sea through the room. For extra privacy, you can draw curtains down.


The cleanliness of the Sea View met our standard of hygiene. Except for the damp smell of the room on the ground floor on the first day, we were very happy. Although François did not smell anything. I’m extra sensitive. If you are more like François, you will be totally fine.

Breakfast & restaurant

At the Sea View, you eat your breakfast with a breathtaking view. After waking up, you can either take a steep uphill walk or the cable car to get to the restaurant on the hill. We could not get enough of the view.

There are two floors for breakfast, you are sure to find a place on the balcony with the impressing sea view (hence the name). The choice of food is huge. I am coeliac, I could unfortunately not enjoy the pastries and bread. I found noodles, rice, fruits and eggs. François was happy with his many pancakes. Unfortunately, as for most of Koh Chang 4* hotels, you can’t get a proper espresso for breakfast. If you’re fine with American style old filter-like coffee (or brown water), it won’t be a problem for you.

We enjoyed our meal both at the Lighthouse Restaurant and the beach restaurant. It was perfectly romantic. We had a slight preference for the vegetarian Pad Thai at the beach restaurant, with your feets almost touching the sea with a splendid view (yes, yet another comment about the view 😉). Coming from a mountainous country, we love hearing the sound of the waves.

If you’re not in the mood for Thaï Food anymore, you can enjoy Western Cuisine with Pizzas from the oven.


The Sea View is located on a hill facing the sea, isolated from other hotels and the busy main street. At the bottom, you find the beach. You can either climb up to one of the restaurants or take the cable car.

For us, the Sea View Resort is a total jewel. We loved the quietness of the atmosphere, the nicely maintained little pathways passing through the gardens and the situation by the sea with a semi-private beach. With two pools, the beach and the garden, it suited our need for calm and relaxation.

We welcomed the walk to the village on the beach at sunset. We watched the drawings of the crabs on the sand and the hermit crab while drinking the third Mango-Passion Fruits shake.

Restaurants & shops close by

You find many shops, restaurants and Thai massage in the city close by. At low tide (sunset and night) you can walk on Kai Bae beach to the city. You can take a free shuttle bus organised by the hotel or call a taxi during the day.

In the city, you find everything restaurant, fruit shakes, laundry, 7-Eleven and pharmacy.

Sea View Staff

The staff is usually friendly and well-trained. The service at the beach restaurant is excellent. The staff at the information desk next to the reception is very helpful. We asked them many questions. They were like a travel agency for us, calling to reserve cooking class and tours we picked in our Lonely Planet and giving us much advice on things to do.

The plus we really enjoyed

We love the Sea View Resort and would happily go back anytime. At our last visit, the Sea View opened a SPA. Our experience at the SPA was pricey but a real haven. We recommend to take time off in the private garden of the SPA with its cool pool.

We couldn’t conclude this review without mentioning again the amazing view, especially picturesque with the small island that you can reach with some paddling on a Kayak. d

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