Top 4 Koh Chang Beaches reviewed

On Koh Chang, everyone finds the beach that suits its desire and needs. Here’s our Top 5 of the best beaches in Koh Chang and their description.

You find several beaches along the west coast of Koh Chang. Each beach has a different vibe and features. While you can easily travel along the coast, you’ll most likely end up going to the beach nearest to your hotel. That’s why we recommend you to think about what you expect from your holiday to choose an accommodation nearest to the beach you prefer. 

We experienced many beaches and hotels in order to rank them all for you here. Here’s our Top 4 of Koh Chang’s beaches 🏆:

1. Klong Prao Beach

  • Long strech of white sand home to some of the nicest hotels in Koh Chang
  • Lovely restaurants on the beach and dynamic nearby Klong Prao village 
  • The vibe: good for couples and families that want to have a quiet time at the beach

Klong Prao Beach is a long stretch of white sand, divided in two by an estuary. The Northside is a bit quieter and has a larger stretch of sand (so you won’t compete much for space) and has a lovely speciality coffee house Wari Coffee.The south side is where most of the interesting hotels in Koh Change are located. You can sit in the shadow of palm trees to drink a coconut shake. At sunset, when it is low tide, the restaurants set many tables and chairs on the sand providing a lovely atmosphere for your dinner and a digestive walk on the sand on your way back to the hotel. 

We loved Klong Prao for the long sunset walk hand in hand and the meal with our feet caressing the sand. 

Some parts of Klong Prao Beach are quite busy. You might have lunch with big-bellied Russian men and their beautiful young looking wives. However, if you feel like alone time, the beach is big enough for you to walk away and find another spot.

While at Klong Prao Beach, we stayed at the Centara Resort and the Santhiya Tree Resort, ate at Lin Restaurant and Pilot Restaurant and did yoga at the Blue Lagoon.

Klong Prao is one of our favourite beach, especially the northern part, for its blend of white sand, evening restaurants and big open space with palm trees.

2. Kai Bae Beach

  • A picturesque beach with view on the Ko Man Nai Island in the distance.
  • Lovely village with shops, fruit shake stands and the best massage parlour on the Island.
  • The vibe: quiet beach for families or backpackers and a good starting point for the adventures at sea (Kae Bae Hut boat tours or Kayaking)

Kai Bae Beach has a family vibe. It is a shorter stretch of sand than Klong Prao, but provide for great pictures with the Ko Man Nai small island on the horizon and its swings hanging from low tree branches.

You’ll find small resorts, beach bungalows and at the end of the beach the Sea View Resort, our favourite hotel in Koh Chang

We mainly enjoy Kai Bae Beach at sunset, while walking from the Sea View Resort to the village. It was a welcome stroll before eating at a beach restaurant. 

In the village nearby, you find shops and restaurant and anything you might need during your stay. We usually had dinner on the beach. Then we headed to the village for a mango shake and a foot massage at Thai Sabai Massage. 

3. White Sand Beach

  • The longest continuous stretch of sand on the island
  • The vibe: great for families that enjoy staying at a resort. 

White Sand beach is busy with many accommodations and restaurants along the beach. As you guessed, the sand is white. At high tide in the mornings you can swim. At low tide, the sea is further away. We found that the beach in front of the Kacha resort was quite rocky.

White Sand beach is popular and crowded. You can head to the nothern part to find more peace. We enjoyed the restaurants and having a cocktail on the beach.While at White Sand Beach we stayed at the Kacha Resort. After 2 nights, we sought quietness again. We headed to Little Miss Sunshine Resort on the North of the Island and its private beach. 

4. Lonely Beach

  • A small beach with character and backpacker hotels
  • The vibe: it’s not the full moon parties you’ll find in Koh Phangan, but it’s the place to party in Koh Chang. 

Lonely beach is the place to party and meet backpackers. It is the place to drink cocktails all day long, pick up a date for the night and enjoy a beautiful sunset while listening to some techno music or the latest summer hit. 

You find shops, restaurant and bars in the village, as well as cheap accommodations. 

Needless to say that we spent only a few hours there and never came back. We were not in the backpacker’s vibe. Among the groups of young people more or less drunks and the loud music we did not find the calm, romantic vibe we were looking for. We spent one night there, enjoyed the business and the party and headed to some quieter beach.

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