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What to do in Koh Chang? Our top 7 activities in Koh Chang

When you’ve tried all the swimming pools at your hotel, strolled the beach numerous times and are finally completely relaxed 🌴 It’s time for some new adventures. Here are the top activities to do in Koh Chang:

Cooking class in Koh Chang

You will finally learn how to make a curry paste and a mango sticky rice.

We found the nicest, tiniest, loveliest cooking school. A wife and husband created the Thai Cooking School. They are smiling and very friendly. They care for everything. 

The Thai cooking school is located in the forest close to Klong Prao. The setting is picturesque and quiet. They are several dishes to chose from, including vegetarian dishes and coeliac friendly dishes. 

Come with an empty stomach. You will eat what you cook. 

Chose from a morning class 09:00 – 13:00 of an evening class 14:00 – 18:00.  There are maximum of 10 people in the class.

Price: 1,200 Baht

They pick you up at your hotel and bring you back.

Call them or ask the reception of your hotel to call them by phone 081-362-7840  (Website – kohchangthaicooking.com – currently not available).

Yoga class in Koh Chang

They are only a few places to practice yoga with a teacher in Koh Chang.

Yoga at the Centara was not yoga but a total joke. The teacher clearly had no idea what he was doing. He was doing one yoga posture after another without an appropriate warm-up. I stopped in the middle of the class to prevent an injury.

Yoga at the Blue Lagoon depends on the teacher who is currently available. The setting is lovely on the deck. You can choose from a morning class or an evening class. You just have to show up and pay at the reception.

Yoga teachers at the Blue Lagoon change regularly. Last time I was in Koh Chang, the yoga teacher was a woman from Poland. Before Koh Chang she teached in Koh Samui several months. She was heading to Vietnam after 3 months in Koh Chang.

I stayed at the Centara and walked (5 minutes) to the Blue Lagoon for my yoga class. The Blue Lagoon is located at the south of Klong Prao beach.

Morning yoga class: 8:00 AM~  90 minutes
Afternoon yoga class: 17:00 PM~ 90 minutes
Price of one yoga class at the blue lagoon: 300 Baht

I heard that the Spa Koh Chang offers yoga classes. I never attended though because the Spa Koh Chang is situated on the east side of the island. The east side of the island is longer to reach. Instead of visiting the east side of Koh Chang, we decided to stay at Baan Makok in Koh Kut

Yoga at Blue Lagoon in Koh Chang

Snorkelling and islands tour in Koh Chang

Whenever you visit Koh Chang, a snorkelling island tour is a must. We booked our tour with Kai Bae Hut Speedboat Company. They pick you up at your hotel in the morning with a taxi and drop you off at your hotel in the evening.

The guys at the Kai Bae Hut Speedboat Company are totally the cool kids of the island 😎. They smile, laugh and show off but in a nice way. They are very helpful. They help you in and out of the boat, they tell you where the best spots underwater are, they swim with you.

We did both the three islands and four islands tours when we visited Koh Chang. We totally love it, both of them. We do not go to the exact same beaches. The water is incredible, the beaches we visit are made of some of the finest, whitest sand. You see a lot of different colourful fish, coral and if you’re lucky a manta ray.

The cons: we are concerned about the impact of the trip on the fauna and flora. In particular, because the guy feeds the fish for us to see more of them and feed the monkeys. Feeding wildlife cut pineapple and watermelon is contrary to all advice you read about protecting it.

Kayak in Koh Chang

Some hotels located on the beach have kayaks available for their guests. If your hotel has no kayak available, you can rent a Kayak at Kai Bae Hut Speedboat Company. Although it is not written on their website, they rent kayak. They pick you up at your hotel and drop you at the Kai Bae Marina.

From the Kai Bae Marina, our favorite itinerary is to kayak along Kai Bae Beach and head to Ko Man Nai, a lovely deserted small island located in front the Sea View Resort & Spa

Kayak at the Sea View Resort

Spa and massage in Koh Chang

We found Spa and massage more expensive in Koh Chang than in Chiang Mai. Our favourite 2 Spa are 

The Sea View Spa is a luxury and an absolute treat.

When we stayed at the Sea View Resort & Spa, we received a voucher for a massage. Wid did a scrub and enjoyed the Rainforest Bathing Circuit. The Rainforest circuit is a small garden, full of beautiful plants, with deck chairs and a cold swimming pool. We were so relaxed, it was so quiet that we fell asleep in the Rainforest. I wished we could have stayed longer.

The scrub was very relaxing. 

After the massage, you receive a leaf tea and Isaline receive a nice hair braiding as a bonus.

We don’t understand why the Sea View Resort and Spa does not update their website with pictures of the Spa. What a pity! 

Thai Sabai Massage

Rating: 4.2* on Google Maps

We went often at Thai Sabai massage when we stayed at the Seaview Resort & Spa. The place is clean, friendly and welcoming and the prices fair. The prices for SPA and massages on Koh Chang were generally higher everywhere than in Chiang Mai. 

We did several foot massage, oil massage and thai massage. We enjoyed all of them.

The plus we liked at Thai Sabai massage: they are two cute cats and two dogs.

Our advice: chose to do your foot massage indoors for more relaxation

Thai Sabai Massage is split between two buildings at each side of the street. One of the building is open on the street. The other building is closed with air conditioning. 

We did one foot massage in the open building but we did not find it as relaxing as the massage in the closed building. In the evening the street is busy and noisy. We did not relax so well hearing all the shouting and noise from the street.

Beach strolling and sunbathing in Koh Chang

You are never alone on a beach in Koh Chang. Koh Chang island is simply too busy. If you want quietness and silence, we recommend you head to Koh Kut.

White Sand Beach and Kai Bae Beach are our favorite beaches in Koh Chang for a stroll.

In the evening, if you want to eat on the beach with your feet in the sand, we recommend White Sand Beach. You are sure to have several restaurants to choose from. We recommend in particular Pilot Restaurant, Lin Restaurant and Mandalay Restaurant. In the evening, there is low tide. For this reason, White Sand Beach in the evening is a never ending stretch of white sand. 

During the day, many restaurants offer sun chairs. In case you stay in a hotel without a private beach, head to White Sand Beach for a friendly family atmosphere. 

If you want a party vibe, electronic music and hopefully pick up some boys and girls, head to Lonely Beach.

You will enjoy Kai Bae Beach in the evening with low tides. You find many swings in the trees. They are less restaurants and more quietness on Kai Bae Beach than White Sand Beach. Kai Bae beach is a good spot for quiet strolling and tiny crabs watching.

Hiking in the mountains of Koh Chang

We did a half day hiking trip with Tan Trekking.

I booked it through the hotel. We were staying at xxx at the time. I was picked up at the hotel in the morning. 

We started hiking in the forest. After a while, we arrived closer to a river. We went along the river, climbing on rocks. The river was nearly dry. 

Our advice: take some food and plenty of water

Drink regularly in order to avoid dehydration. We are sporty and fit, but hiking in this warm temperature was difficult. Isaline in particular felt dizzy at some point. The half day was long, from 8am to 2pm.

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