Baan Makok The Getaway on Koh Kut – Our honest traveller review 🌴

A quiet place on a lagoon, on the last unspoiled island of Thailand, Baan Makok is a charming family run hotel were we really disconnected and took time to breath on the most beautiful beaches of our trip.

Baan Makok Beaches

Breathtaking beaches! We loved it! Crystal clear water, beautiful sand, untouched view, calm. The beaches fulfilled all our wildest dreams. Some say that Koh Kut is the last “unspoiled” Island of Thailand, and that’s what we experienced. The several beaches you can access from Baan Makok were almost all always empty, or at least with 50m on each direction without anyone.

Baan Makok is situated in a lagoon. Two beaches are accessible with a kayak. They are both beautiful. We were mostly on our own on the first beach.

The second beach requires more kayaking effort but you will be rewarded with a longer stretch of sand and a view on a tiny island.

We were so remote on this beach, that it wasn’t even a place on Google Maps. We had the honour to name the place (after asking locals) and add the first pictures. It must be getting popular though, as they’ve been seen more than 25k times 😉📷


No swimming pool at Baan Makok. You can swim in the lagoon though if you don’t feel like kayaking to the beach.


We stayed in two different rooms when we were there because we did not book our stay in advance. Both rooms were simple and charming. No great luxury, nothing extra but everything was convenient.

Our first room did not have air conditioning which was perfectly fine. It was so quiet that we slept with the door open on the mangrove. I fell asleep listening to the sounds of the night, it was a delight.

The buildings are simply made of wood and painted in bright colours. On the first day, the people in the neighbour room were a bit loud. I slept with ear plugged. Once or twice we asked them to turn down their music. No big deal, but you should be aware that your room won’t be completely isolated and soundproofed.


Both our rooms had an outdoor shower which was a fun extra. The bathrooms are not soundproofed. 


Baan Makok met our standard of hygiene (I’m picky, trust me).

Breakfast & restaurant

Since Baan Makok is isolated, we had all our meals there. Everything was tasty, I loved my Coconut shakes and François was smiling with his mango shakes. Since I prefer vegetarian and I am coeliac, the choice of dishes was not enormous. Once or twice I asked for tweaks in the dish which was okay. Overall, the quality of the food was excellent, although the service could have been a bit more professional. I guess it’s an acceptable drawback from a family-run boutique hotel in the middle of nowhere. People can’t get stressed 🙏


The cat setting the example to follow

The hotel is located in the mangrove and partly on the water. You reach the different part of the hotel walking on wood panels or small “bridges”. The atmosphere is really relaxed, with hammock, cushions on the floor and nicely decorated common areas. That’s a nice hotel to really disconnect, breath and enjoy your surroundings.

Restaurants & shops close by

Baan Makok is isolated. One hotel is reachable with a kayak. We had a fruit shake there one afternoon because it is close to one of the beach.

We did not even try to go anywhere. We were fully happy enjoying the quietness of Baan Makok.

The staff invited us with them for one evening to a small town (about 20min by car), as it was some sort of annual celebration of the Island. It was a lovely fair/festival, with music, concerts, food stalls and animations. Isaline did win a small prize at the raffle.


The staff is friendly with a family atmosphere. The staff at the reception was helpful and spoke good English.

The waiters seemed to be students at a summer job. Everybody was friendly and smiling but not trained. We had to ask them to take our orders and sometimes stand up and go to the kitchen counters to get water, desert or the check.

One Morning, there was no breakfast set up. We were surprised. We did not see anybody hurry up to set up the buffet. We had to ask for everything.

With good humour and communication, we always got tasty food. It did not spoil our stay at Baan Makok.

The plus we really enjoyed

Finally, we could breathe and relax. Baan Makok felt like a break during our holiday. The hotel is small and calm. Staying there was like a retreat. We could fully enjoy each other’s company, the nature surrounding us and fall in love all over again 💗

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